Photo Sharing

The club has a site for members to share photographs from club walks and other club events. It is open for anyone to view from the following link :

Photographs call be downloaded from the link to the upper right of the image.

Any club member can also upload photographs by using a unique link which is created for each club event. The upload links for upcoming events will be included in the monthly club emails.  The upload link allows a club member to browse to photos stored on their computer and upload them without the need for a Smugmug account. (Note that creating a Smugmug account or installing the Smugmug application for Android, iOS or Windows is not required).  If for any reason you are unable to upload your photographs then simply email them to

The upload links will not be published on this website but if you would like upload links for past events (or have any questions or suggestions on photo sharing) then contact the photo sharing administrator (John Adams) at