Covid 19

We all enjoy walking – that is the reason for the club’s existence.  But as with everything these days we must pay more attention to our safety and that of our fellow hikers. By following the notes and COVID-19 mitigations below, we can share our joys (and groans) fully prepared for whatever the ground and the weather puts in front of us. As we cannot car-share CHWC walk groups are limited to 15, hoping there will be several couples in that number if parking is limited.

Primary Covid-19 mitigations during walk

  • Do not travel if you feel unwell or exhibit symptoms.
  • Currently no sharing of transport with other households.
  • 2m separation when resting – outstretched pole tips apart!
  • No sharing of mobile phones, walking poles, creams, or food or drink.
  • Carry mask and hand gel and disposable gloves (e.g. if someone needs assistance)
  • Stand back and allow fellow walkers to pass, especially if track is narrow.
  • Single file except on wide tracks where social distancing can be observed.
  • We are an “organised sporting activity” only during the walk, so be careful not to cluster in car parks before or after the walk.

Remember that walking outdoors is considered low risk, so you should be able to enjoy the day knowing everyone is taking the same precautions as you.

Click here for  some tips on How to get the Best from a Walk.

Evening Meets

We are again meeting face to face at venues for our talks. We have for the time being at least set up a booking system for attendees.   Members will be notifued by the monthly diary of arrangements.  Non members please contact us.  The talks are usually presented by specialists in their chosen topic and are recorded and retained for a month, to provide members the opportunity to view at other times or view again.